PARENT CHILD (4 Months – 3 Years Old)

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Connect with your little one and help them develop strength and motor skills,
as you both learn, play and grow together in class.


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Why Join Our Parent/Child Gym Classes?

Strengthen Bonds: Experience the joy of teamwork as you and your child motivate, support, and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Developmental Boost: Our classes are designed to enhance motor skills, balance, and coordination in children, while parents get a refreshing workout.

Social Connections: Engage with a community of like-minded parents. Share experiences, tips, and form lasting friendships as your children play and learn together.

Safety Assured: Our facility is equipped with child-friendly apparatus, and our instructors are trained to ensure a safe environment for both parents and children.

Serious Fun: From directive songs and music to basic tumbling and gymnastics skills, small manipulatives, balls, and bubbles, our classes are packed with activities that guarantee laughter, learning, and a good dose of endorphins.


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