Harness your toddler’s energy and actively encourage independence.

Super Beasts classes, designed to engage and energize your toddler while fostering independence and essential skills. Our classes focus on parent/child gymnastics and serve as an introduction to the exciting world of baby gym. Join us for an unforgettable experience that promotes physical development and confidence building, and prepares your child for Pre-K gymnastics classes, all while having a blast!


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Our Super Beasts classes are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of toddlers, providing them with an ideal environment to thrive. Through a range of stimulating activities, your child will acquire new skills, enhance coordination, and develop strength, all while gaining the confidence to explore their own capabilities. Here’s why our classes are perfect for your little one:

Enhanced Physical Development

Our classes offer progressively challenging and developmentally appropriate physical activities that target your child’s strength, coordination, and overall physical growth. By engaging in these activities, your toddler will develop essential motor skills that are crucial for their early development.

Cultivating Independence

We believe in empowering your child to become more independent. Through carefully crafted exercises and tasks, we encourage your toddler to take initiative, make decisions, and accomplish tasks on their own. This fosters a sense of self-reliance and sets the foundation for future success.

Cooperative Learning

Super Beasts classes provide a small group setting where your child will interact and cooperate with other toddlers. By participating in group activities and projects, they will learn to follow more complex directions and develop important cooperation skills. These experiences enhance their social abilities and prepare them for future educational settings.


Preparing for Pre-K

Our Super Beasts classes are designed to equip your child with the independence and confidence needed to transition smoothly into Pre-K classes without the presence of parents. By encouraging self-reliance and building essential skills, our classes create a solid foundation for their academic journey.

Let the adventure begin!

Join our Super Beasts Classes today and give your toddler the best start on their journey towards physical and personal growth. Try us out or enroll now to experience our exciting parent/child gymnastics and baby gym programs.


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