Help them build strength, develop coordination,

and meet other new explorers.

Welcome to our Birds Classes, where your little one’s wobbly world of wonder comes to life! Designed specifically for toddlers, our parent/child classes provide a nurturing environment for them to explore, grow, and connect with other young explorers. Join us for a delightful experience that focuses on building strength, coordination, and socialization skills,
all while having fun!


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When it comes to nurturing your child’s early development, Birds Classes stand out as a remarkable choice. Our carefully designed program, including parent/child classes, intro gymnastics, daddy or mommy and me sessions, and specialized classes for toddlers, offers a host of benefits for your little one. With a focus on building strength, developing coordination, and fostering socialization skills, Birds Classes provide a unique and enriching experience. Our dedicated instructors create a warm and supportive environment where your child can spread their wings, explore their abilities, and engage with other young explorers. Join us and witness the incredible growth, confidence, and joy that Birds Classes can bring to your child’s journey of discovery.

Development of Essential Muscles

Our Birds Classes are carefully structured to support the development of key muscles needed for your child to go from crawling to walking. Through engaging exercises and activities, your little one will strengthen their core muscles and improve their coordination, setting the foundation for their physical growth and development.

Interactive and Engaging Activities

Our class activities are designed to captivate your child’s attention and foster their motor skills. From clapping and waving to reaching and grasping, these interactive exercises stimulate their sensory perception and fine motor abilities. Each activity is thoughtfully crafted to encourage their exploration and cognitive development.

Daddy or Mommy and Me Bonding

Our Birds Classes offer a precious opportunity for parents and caregivers to bond with their child. Our daddy or mommy and me sessions provide a loving and supportive environment where you can engage in activities together, strengthening the parent-child connection. It’s a chance to create lasting memories while fostering a sense of security and trust.

Socialization and Communication Skills

Interacting with other babies in our classes is a wonderful way for your child to develop socialization skills. They will have the opportunity to make eye contact, smile, and babble with other little ones, enhancing their communication abilities and early social interactions. These experiences lay the groundwork for their future social development.

Let the adventure begin!

Enroll your little one in our engaging Birds Classes today, where they can build strength, coordination, and social skills in a nurturing environment. Find your gym and View our parent/child gymnastics schedule to join now, intro to daddy or mommy and me classes, and specialized classes for growing toddlers.


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