A cartwheel becomes a round-off.

A handstand turns into a handspring.

The Intermediate Gymnastics Class is not just about learning new moves; it’s about building a mindset. In an environment where the pressure is dialed down and fun is amplified, our gymnasts cultivate a can-do attitude, setting them up for success both within and outside the gym.

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Welcome to the “Intermediate Gymnastics Class” – a transformative platform tailored for grade schoolers aged 6-12 years, designed to elevate their gymnastic prowess. As the name suggests, this class is the bridge between foundational skills and advanced gymnastics. Here, a simple cartwheel evolves into a graceful round-off, and a basic handstand transforms into an exhilarating handspring. This class is where potential is recognized, nurtured, and honed to perfection.

Progression for Skill Enhancement

The beauty of gymnastics lies in its fluidity, where one skill seamlessly leads to another. Our curriculum is designed to harness this natural progression, allowing gymnasts to build strength, endurance, and prepare for the advanced challenges that lie ahead.

Holistic Athletic Development

While the focus is on gymnastics, the benefits spill over to overall athleticism. As gymnasts refine their techniques, they also enhance their agility, balance, and coordination, making them better athletes in any sport they choose to pursue.

Challenges and Encouragement

Our instructors are not just trainers; they’re mentors. Their instruction style is geared to push the gymnasts out of their comfort zones, encouraging them to challenge themselves. Every class is a blend of motivation, guidance, and celebration of every milestone achieved.

Conditioning for Future Challenges

Gymnastics, especially at intermediate and advanced levels, demands a lot from the body. Recognizing this, conditioning exercises are woven throughout the class. These exercises are designed to build strength, stamina, and flexibility, ensuring that our gymnasts are physically prepared to tackle more demanding skills with ease and confidence.

Safety and Expertise at the Core

As the skills become more complex, the need for expert guidance becomes paramount. Our instructors, with their specialized training, ensure that every gymnast learns in a safe environment. They break down complex moves into manageable steps, ensuring that learning is both safe and comprehensible.

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Our Intermediate Gymnastics class is more than just a stepping stone to advanced gymnastics. It’s a holistic developmental experience. It’s where challenges are embraced, limits are pushed, and every fall is seen as a stepping stone to the next big leap. Try us out or enroll your child in our Intermediate Gymnastics class and watch them transform from budding gymnasts to confident and skilled performers, ready to take on the world, one handspring at a time.

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