Comprehensive gymnastics classes.

Without the stress of competition.


The Advanced Gymnastics Class is not just about learning new moves; it’s about perfecting them. It’s where every twist, flip, and jump is executed with precision, grace, and confidence. It helps to build more advanced skills and team camaraderie without the stress of competition.

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Our Advanced Gymnastics Class is a meticulously crafted program designed for grade schoolers aged 6-12 years who are ready to elevate their gymnastic journey. This class is the pinnacle of skill development, where gymnasts refine their techniques, embrace challenges, and foster a sense of team camaraderie. What sets this class apart is its emphasis on skill mastery without the added pressure of competition, allowing each gymnast to progress at their own pace in a supportive environment.

Skill Refinement at Its Best

While many gymnastics classes teach new moves, our focus is on refining them. Every session is dedicated to honing techniques, ensuring that each move is not just done but done perfectly.

Challenges for Technique Perfection

Our instructors employ a series of challenging drills that push gymnasts to fine-tune their techniques. These drills, while demanding, are instrumental in ensuring that every gymnast reaches their maximum potential.

Holistic Physical Conditioning

Advanced gymnastics demands more than just skill; it requires strength, flexibility, and endurance. Recognizing this, our classes incorporate a series of conditioning exercises. These exercises, designed to build strength and enhance flexibility, ensure that our gymnasts are physically prepared for the demands of advanced gymnastics.

Teamwork and Camaraderie

While gymnastics is often seen as an individual sport, our class emphasizes group cooperation. Many of our conditioning and flexibility activities involve group participation, fostering a sense of teamwork. This approach not only enhances skill development but also builds a strong sense of camaraderie among the gymnasts.

Expert Guidance and Safety

As the skills become more intricate, the need for expert guidance grows. Our instructors, with their specialized training in advanced gymnastics, ensure that every move, no matter how complex, is taught in a manner that’s both safe and comprehensible.

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Advanced Gymnastics at The Little Gym is the ultimate destination for those looking to master the art of gymnastics. It’s where challenges are not just met but embraced, where every fall is a lesson, and every success is a testament to hard work and perseverance. Try us out or enroll your child in our Advanced Gymnastics class and watch them transform from skilled gymnasts to masters of the art, ready to face any challenge with grace, confidence, and a smile.


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